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Adept: Private Utility Locator

Adept is a private underground utility locating company that has worked with various utility companies, contractors and private property owners to locate their underground facilities. We have accomplished experience locating in some of the most difficult and complex conditions.

Adept  specializes in locating and identifying any utility placed below ground for distribution or conveyance of: 

  • water
  • sewage
  • telephone
  • fiber optic networks
  • electric energy
  • oil
  • gas
  • other substances.  

We are committed to finding your utilities accurately at every locate. We always take the time needed to verify our work with several methods to insure a dependable, accurate locate. By precisely pinpointing the location of underground facilities, we save our customers time and money by reducing the occurrence of utility conflicts and costly damages.

Adept goes above and beyond what other locating companies do in the search for utilities avoiding costly and possible harmful damages to people and property.

When you choose Adept Utility Locators you are ensuring that your underground facilities and infrastructure is protected.